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The phones we carry around are pretty smart, but they can be a Lot Smarter.
Download the Whats-OUT App to realize the True Power of your Phone.

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It's the one 1,000's of businesses are starting to use Statewide Now.

As more businesses adopt this New Technology, your Shopping Experience will only continue to get Better and Better. 

This 21st Century Technology puts you in the Drivers Seat because you have all the control.
YOU have the POWER.

Find Deals Right Now from Businesses who are actually Competing for your Business.

You Opt-In to the Ones you Want.
You Engage when you Want.

Many folks are calling it the

C/NET Calles it

Engage with Businesseses

Get their latest Deals, Automatically when you are Close.

Download Now

Download Now

There is something Else you may be interested in...

You just SHOW it to them

Think about it... You happen to be in a business you frequent and they don't have the app. 
Just walk up to the owner, show them your app and simply ask, "Why don't you have this?
You can get it for FREE."

The business gets a Feee Listing in our International App and once they start to see it bring customers in the door they will want to Engage those customers with offers, announcements, GeoTargeting, Beacons, etc.
To do that they pay us a monthly Subscription for the plan or system they choose.

Just Show

You are using it anyway.

Why not just show it to the owner and ask why they aren't using it to get more customers in the door?

It's FOUND Money

Now the Fun Begins.
The Business owner will be curious.
You just send them to our main site, and let us know you sent them.  You could even ask them is "More Business Now" sounds appealing.

Most likely they will take a Free Listing, but when they decide to subscribe to one of our packages, Any Package, you just made $25.00.  And all you did was show them a Free App that they probably want anyway, and you Let Us Know who they are, who you are and where we send the check.
We will keep you in the loop as things develop.
There is no limit to the number of businesses you can do this with.

You don't sell, present, convince, nothing. You just refer them to the link, one they can relate to, and we do the rest.

You can tell them to let us know you referred them, and it's always best to drop us a line to let us know you referred them as well so we make sure you get the credit. We need to know where to send the check.

So Why are we dong this Finders Fee?

Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We would need to spend $Thousands to be successful so why not let folks SHOW it in action rather than pay a nameless company to Attempt to Promote? 

These Advertising agencies are Extremely Expensive and we prefer to pay folks who are already using out app and love it.

It's Like This

Why would we pay some company when we can pay Real Folks who use the app because they Love it?