Your Phone is Pretty Smart
But it can be A LOT SMARTER

Upgrade your Phone For FREE

Get the App, the one 1,000's of businesses are getting Right Now.
As more businesses adopt this New Technology, your Shopping Experience will only continue to get Better and Better.

This 21st Century Technology puts you in the Drivers Seat because you have all the control. YOU have the POWER.

Find Deals Right Now from Businesses who are actually Competing for your Business.

You Opt-In to the Ones you Want.
You Engage when you Want.

Many are calling it the

C/NET calls it The Next Big Thing.


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App Store

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Google Play Store

Once you download your FREE App it's a simple process to register. You now can engage with Every Business that Wants your Business.

Another Reason

See Below

There are MORE Reasons you may want to download.

As this App grows you will have a Much Better Experience with Every Business you frequent.

So What happens if you are in a business that Doesn't Have it?

You Won't Believe what you can do Next...

Making Money has Evolved

Free App Biz

Ok, a business doesn't have it.
Just walk up to the owner, show him your app and simply ask,
"Why don't you have this?
You can get it for FREE."

The business gets a Feee Listing in our International App and once they start to see it bring customers in the door they will want to Engage those customers with offers, announcements, GeoTargeting, Beacons, etc.
To do that they pay us a monthly Subscription for the plan and systems they choose.

We do it all

But it's Your Deal

Because you got them interested we will pay you a Finders Fee upon them taking a paid subscription.
Since they start out free, it may take a month but pretty soon they will see the power and sign-up.

When that happens you make $25.00. No strings, No catch.

If you want to get serious and make a lot more, We should talk.

What you Do

Just Refer

You merely refer them to

Make sure you have them let us know who you are, in fact it's not a bad idea to drop us a line ahead of time so we expect their call.

You don't sell, present, convince, nothing. You just refer them to the link, one they can relate to, and we do the rest.

So Why are we doing this Finders Fee?
Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We would need to spend $Thousands to be successful so why not let folks SHOW it in action rather than pay a nameless company to Attempt to Promote?

We Then Become Partners

Sort of Like This...
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